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During my personal growth, through many trips, compared to the other worlds of thought and reality, little by little I gained from my education a detachment of my origin. At my age and my life experiences, I must recognize that I have always been "accompanied" in my evolution from ancestral forces that were there at the appropriate time and at my side to guide me. On the path of Santiago de Compostela, despite its predominantly Catholic connotation, you can rediscover ancient pagan values which have the great advantage to be able to transmit and impregnate to each pilgrim with high energy and mystic atmosphere, independently from religion or culture, provided that he is "eager" to discover them.

To enter in the "charisma" of the pilgrimage, it takes several weeks of walking, so if you go for a relatively short period, is requires a basic mental preparation to the event. This in order not to be in the situation to be accompanied by all the worries of suspended problems brought from home throughout the journey, and at the end sit in the cathedral of Santiago, and realize that we came to recharge our the spirit and mind, in order to better tackle our complex life and rare events accompanied by human warmth.

I love telling a story that happened in my first experience. An older Italian, who obviously carried his age well, walked around the various tables of the hostel, boasting of having covered 32 km in 7 hours and When he asked me what route I had done and time needed, I replied, "can I ask you something?

Would you be able to make 25 km in 7 hours and 15? Most standards and frameworks for information security have a focus on people, process and technology. Outside of information security the same standards have specific controls around physical security which relate to physical access to assets that have information stored on them, or that can be used to access the information itself.

The ISO standard contains the core security controls that other standards use as a base. The ISO series focusses on the entire information security stack. All information security aspects surrounding the core elements of people, process, organisation and technology are considered. It also has specific controls around physical security which relate to physical access to assets that have information stored on them, or that can be used to access the information itself.

That standard itself is fundamentally centred around the deployment of an Information Security Management System ISMS which helps to ensure that an organisation understands its information security posture and drives to continually improve it.

Interoute uses a continuous security improvement approach to all information security objectives. This includes the continuous identification, grading, control and maintenance of risks. Interoute is assessed and regularly audited by independent third parties against the ISO standard to ensure that high standards are maintained continuously. Crea la tua libreria musicale personalizzata - Raccogli le tue canzoni preferite e crea playlist per ogni tuo umore e occasione.

Raccomanderemo la musica secondo i tuoi gusti. Scopri la nuova musica - lasciati trasportare dai migliori successi dei tuoi artisti preferiti scegliendo le radio o esplorando le playlist curate dal nostro team di esperti. Gioca su tutti i tuoi dispositivi - in palestra? Gioca a Anghami sul tuo iPhone o Apple Watch! Collegati ad Apple TV! Goditi la visione di video musicali: Piacere ai tuoi occhi e alle tue orecchie. Rimani aggiornato - Segui i tuoi artisti preferiti e faremo in modo di rimanere aggiornati con la loro nuova musica!

Ottieni tutto questo GRATIS, o porta la tua esperienza musicale a un livello completamente nuovo, godendo della massima esperienza Anghami con uno dei nostri piani! Siamo pronti a rispondere a qualsiasi tua domanda su support anghami.

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