Safari movie victor mature dating

safari movie victor mature dating

Overview of Safari, , directed by Terence Young, with Victor Mature, Janet Leigh, John Justin, at Turner Classic Movies. Premiere Info: Memphis, TN premiere: 29 May Release Date: , Production Date: [CinemaScope] AFI. Standard action film of the 's directed by future-to-be James Bond film director, Terrance Young. Victor Mature and Janet Leigh turn in solid performances in. Victor Mature news, gossip, photos of Victor Mature, biography, Victor Mature girlfriend list Victor Mature dating history, , , list of Victor Mature relationships. Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood, , Nick, Movie Janet Leigh · Safari [view matchup] · Mari Blanchard and Victor Mature.

safari movie victor mature dating


safari movie victor mature dating

Walker Martin July 12th, at And you have to keep in mind in Africa the conservationist movement was made up of ex white hunters and reformed poachers as much as animal lovers. If the animal had to be killed anyway it might as well serve a purpose rather than just control population or to solve problems.

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Safari movie victor mature dating - Victor Mature

They were very strict and harder to get around than the censors. And you have to keep in mind in Africa the conservationist movement was made up of ex white hunters and reformed poachers as much as animal lovers. A case of set a thief to catch a thief. There is an irony though since African movies bother you, yet you are a western fan as I am , but in all fairness in westerns filmed before more animals were cruelly killed and maimed than all the African films ever made.

I confess my contradictions. David Yeah, sometimes these corny films like this are what you want — not art, not genius, just competent well popped movie theater mind popcorn.

But while Mature is no thespian, I do suggest you check out the Robe, where he plays the slave Demitrius. If you watch it fairly you will grant that he acts the toga off Richard Burton and every one else in the film with a simple honest performance. Walker Martin July 12th, at Hundreds or maybe even thousands of horses must have been injured or had their legs broken. Which of course meant they had to be put down. Just about all stuntmen had several serious injuries and broken bones, with some deaths of course.

Steve July 12th, at While Safari condemns the Mau Mau as cold blooded killers, in a slightly condescending way it emphasizes that most Kenyans are decent loyal citizens. The film should be viewed as a product of its time with the attitudes and sensibilities of the period. What is more controversial today is its glorification of big game hunting. Victor Mature plays big game hunter Ken Duffield who comes back from a safari to find that his family,including his son,have been massacred by the Mau Mau led by one of his house servants,a very harrowing scene.

For his own safety his big game licence is revoked. Sitting in a bar in Nairobi drowning his sorrows he is approached by millionaire aristocrat Sir Vincent Brampton Ronald Culver who is accompanied by his dogsbody Brian Sinden John Justin. Sir Vincent is obsessed with shooting a man eating lion called Hatari. He is an obnoxious money will buy anything type who gets Duffield's licence restored so he can lead the expedition. Duffield sees it as an opportunity to get his revenge on the Mau Mau.

Also going along for the ride is Brampton's "fiance" Linda Latham,played by the delectable Janet Leigh. It is a long journey in which Duffield finds peace of mind and justice not vengeance is served. The successful outcome is due in no small part to the young native lad Adongo played by Juma, and the head boy Jerusalem played by Orlando Martins,a cheerful trumpet playing character,just the sort of bloke you want by your side in a fight. Victor Mature once stated that he was no actor and he had over seventy films to prove it.

Come on Vic, in adventure and biblical films you had a certain monolythic grandeur and unlike Charlton Heston you never took yourself too seriously. Ronald Culver and John Justin are British thespians of the old school who have a look of slight bewilderment wondering what they are doing in this film but they are professionals and certainly don't let the side down. Juma and Orlando Martins are also a big asset and talking about big assets Janet Leigh is unbelievably glamorous,her wardrobe is certainly eye catching.

Talk about the "Perils of Pauline",whatever her predicament she never looks less than immaculate.