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OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT BARINGO DISTRICT Tender Nos. in Kenya shillings, should remain valid for ninety (90) days from tfihe closing date of these tenders. Construction of a game proof moat at Mount Kenya Nyayo Tea Zone. Nyayo Tea Zones Corporation is a State Corporation established to manage Corporation makes every effort to ensure that the information on the Tenders 4) Response to routine correspondence within seven (7) days from date of receipt. National Shopping. NTZDC: Nyayo Tea Zones Development Corporation Date of Completion of Project Implementation Activities: 30 th. November C. . Acceptance tenders and bids received,. -. No labour problems.

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It was also set up to protect the environment, produce internationally quality tea, produce fuel wood essential in factories for processing, create jobs and generate revenue for the Government. Specifically, the Corporation is mandated to establish, manage and develop tea and fuel wood plantations and indigenous trees; establish and manage nurseries for propagation of tea and tree seedlings; establish, manage and maintain tea processing factories and process tea. Nyayo Tea Zones Corporation Description Nyayo Tea Zones Corporation is a State Corporation established to manage the tea belts around forest zones and create buffer zones around indigenous forests to protect them from human encroachment. However, no warranty is given on the accuracy of this information.