Pof dating site reviews 2014

pof dating site reviews 2014

reviews for POF, stars: "The standard of females on this site is horrendous. This dating site is disgusting is full of perverts and racist people guys are looking to have sex they are very disrespectful .. Did POF for six months in Helpful. 8 people found this review helpful. Not sure how to choose? Get expert buying tips about Online Dating Sites and Services delivered to your inbox. One of the rare free sites in the matchmaking category, nsdoc.info is as According to a interview with CEO and founder Markus find, 85% of traffic.

Pof dating site reviews 2014 - Customer Questions & Answers

Then all the sudden I'm blocked. Will let me update my password. I tried on my laptop computer friends computer I did nothing one blocked one really crude guy. Why got a new account to find said guy able to find and message then deleted again.

What a waste of time and effort. If you are deleting people we should have a right to know why and if it was a petty person who got hurt they should grow up. I wrote a tiny bit of profile, then decided not to continue. But POF still send me regular emails promising matches when I have given them almost no information.

I have tried the unsubscribe route many times but you just get led in circles with endless questions to persuade you to carry on. How do I make them stop??? I deleted the account after a while but recently set one up again. However, upon setting it up with confirmation by email and spending time on the profile, the account mysteriously disappeared.

This happened the second time. Avoid the site at all costs. I have tried this site several times but this last time was the worst. I got approached for sex several times and I believe that one of the guys I turned down had my profile deleted. I was talking to someone I really liked and now I can't contact them or get POF to contact me back in regards to why my profile was deleted. I also can't create a new account. Guess it wasn't meant to be.

POF if you see this maybe you should monitor people and complaints better!!! I honestly think they will label members as upgraded in order to get others to do so stating that you get better results and additional privileges and features non pay members don't get!

One of their many scams! We wrote to each other a few times. His responses came back a day or two later, but well written. Looking back, I think he had help writing his responses. When I met him face to face, he was full of double negatives, his enunciation and pronunciation was off. I knew right off the bat that this was the first and last date with Jon the Musician. He claimed he was a runner, but he also stated that he ran in Vans shoes and blue jeans.

He didn't know the distance of a 5K. His profile claimed he had a bachelor's. He claimed, right in front of me, that he has an associates' from a university. He completely changed his education right in front of me. I felt stupid that I was being actively duped. One thing that really disturbed me was he looked really sick in person.

I didn't realize this until he took his coat off. I noticed he looked unusually skinny for someone who was in their mid's. The skin on his arms looked kind of dirty and his face looked like he had severe acne issues. He had a five o'clock shadow that seemed to be worn by him to cover his skin.

He constantly scratched his face. The only other person I dated who was very thin was someone who suffered from an intestinal syndrome. He took off his glasses and proclaimed that he bought them at Walmart because his eyesight is failing. I asked him if he went to an eye doctor. His answer was "No". I realized that this guy may not have been to a doctor in a while.

The conversation we had was just bizarre. I think he wanted me to think he was cool. And that he was someone who was giving me this incredible opportunity to meet him. He talked about his music endlessly. It's good to have a hobby, but not an obsession. His talk of being an undiscovered musician sounded like an obsession. His sentences were peppered with the phrase "rock and roll".

He asked me childish questions, such as: The thought running through my mind was, this guy seems to be mentally unwell. He appeared functional, but he might need additional help. I felt like he was treating POF like a pick up site. He was looking for sex.

The lunch date was just part of the procedure for him. Once the date had ended, we walked outdoors together.

pof dating site reviews 2014

pof dating site reviews 2014

POF (PlentyOfFish) Review :

pof dating site reviews 2014

He talked about his music endlessly. Guess it wasn't meant to be. This guy tweaked his profile just enough to get someone he wanted to have sex with to become interested in him.

pof dating site reviews 2014