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LIST OF MICROBREWERIES IN BANGALORE (KARNATAKA): Prost Brewpub Big Pitcher Murphy's brewhouse-The Paul Big Brewsky District 6- pub, brewery. There's no dearth of pubs in Bangalore. The swaying music and laidback ambience add to the experience when you are in the garden city. A handful of microbreweries are putting beer back into the country's unofficial beer and pub capital. Read more about pubs in Bangalore on.
  • A handful of microbreweries are putting beer back into the country's unofficial pub capital
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  • Indiranagar & Bangalore's Finest Brewpub

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Zomato One of the hippest places in Indiranagar, Hoppipola raises the coolness quotient to remarkable levels. It's an all-day, fun-loving bar full of excuses to be adventurous?

Extremely affordable and located on a rooftop, the place is also known for the Chuggathon. The sophistication of the place is evident thanks to the wooden floor, classy music and deck set-up. Unlike most pubs in the city, this is way too spacious and helps beat claustrophobia in style.

Zomato What's better than a happening pub on the ground floor? A happening pub that spreads across three functional floors. Yeah, that's something that's available at this spot here. A must-visit in Bangalore, each of the three floors is unique in its characters and the vibes it emanates.

The only thing common to the three is the resounding music in the background. Zomato A tiki bar named after the legendary Don Beach founder of Tiki Restaurants is a pride of the corner in Indiranagar. Known for their cocktails like Ku, Zombie Punch and Kane to name a few, the drinks are served in the coolest possible glasses!

A pointer as far as the environ is concerned the Hawaiian gods-themed glasses are absolute winners. Did we mention the coctails? Zomato They call themselves India's first Thai dive bar. And for a very good reason. So, what makes it so Thai? For starters, the Buddha statuettes that adorn the place, the exotic Muay Thai wall paintings and of course, the menu? The food is epic but their take on the whiskey sour is beyond amazing. Zomato Back in the day, pubs in Bangalore were famed for their laidbackness.

Soft music and cold beer flowed in union. This place here takes you back there. An old-school rock feel with guitars on the walls, a few bikes on the wall as well yes, proper motorbikes and several interesting posters.

This place is also known for its adherence to retro rock music as well as its draught beer dispensers attached to every table. Zomato It's not everyday you come across an iconic bar chain in our country. This spot, rooted to Singapore in its outlook, is frequented for its food as well as fancy cocktails. The Toit Red is an amber ale brewed with fruits such as pine, grape, raisins and grapefruit.

Nischol found the fruity aroma was not so significant but the beer has a smooth bitterness that stays in the mouth.

Bitter, the way an ale is meant to be, it makes for the perfect winter beer—dark with an aroma of roasted grains. The pub also has a number of cocktails, wine, bottled beers and hard liquor. The not-so-good The most disappointing beer of the four is the Toit Weiss. Nischol found it a bit watered-down and lacking in body. Meant to be akin to German wheat beer with undertones of spices and fruits, the beer tastes and smells more significantly of the wheat than anything else. Despite the long brew menu, not all the brews are available.

The management promises that all options will flow in soon enough. The staff is not yet trained to understand the brews, a limitation the owners admit to. Talk plastic ml of brewed beer is priced at Rs , which is reasonable, compared to other brew clubs in the city, and cheaper by at least Rs than any imported bottled ales.

List of microbreweries in bangalore dating :

The must-have cocktails are the Black Russian and Moscow Mule. Unbelievable - check out what's available here Corporate Specials in Bangalore Planning a corporate bash near Indiranagar? At Humming Tree, there's a live performance at any given point of the evening.

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