Zoey 101 quinn and logan in love dating

zoey 101 quinn and logan in love dating

A story about Quinn and Logan, finding love and holding onto it with all Can't she just accept that her and Logan are dating and move on?. Logan Reese (Matthew Underwood) is a main character on Zoey and was part of until he starts dating Zoey's best friend and roommate, Quinn Pensky. Logan and Michael helped Chase admit how much he missed and loved Zoey. Does a list of emoji, dating apps, Disney Channel stars, and Tumblr favorites constitute . It was almost like having a real pet, except it didn't love you. .. Zoey was running a little thin on ideas around the fourth season, so they up with the unlikely romantic pairing of Quinn Pensky and Logan Reese.


zoey 101 quinn and logan in love dating

You don't have to know the future, like I didn't, all you have to do is be yourself. After a lot of thinking, and encouragement from her friends and boyfriend, she decided to go to USC, in the same state as Logan at least. Have fun in New York," Quinn says. The door opens again and Robert walks in, smiling brightly.

Zoey 101 quinn and logan in love dating -

TV Shows Zoey , Since: Love blooms, Relationships grow and the teens learn a thing or two. Please read and review and i hope you like it: Zoey - Rated: True Love by Rose-Aki reviews Quinn and Logan never experienced true love until they fall in love with each other.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: See what other moments Quinn and Logan share together that almost reveal their secret relationship. With their secret hiding spots outside gone, will Quinn and Logan find a place to meet? Net reviews Ever wondered what happened with our two favorite characters, Logan Reese and Quinn Pensky between episodes?

Well, inside is a growing collection of their loverly interactions starting from "Quinn Misses the Mark" up to "Chasing Zoey". This is a continuation of 'Chasing Zoey'. How will he react and will he keep it a secret? This time Logan wants to compete as well. How will Quinn react when he chooses another girl to dance with and what will he say when Quinn gets herself her own dance partner.

Takes place after Chasing Zoey Zoey - Rated: What happens when he want to get her back and is determined to do whatever it takes to do so? Secret Valentine by Rose-Aki reviews It's Valentine's Day and finding a place to meet each other is difficult for a secret couple. Can Logan and Quinn still spend the most romantic day of the year together without their friends finding out?

With her perfect younger sisters, her inaudible step dad, and her abusive mother, a lot can happen in a weekend. She picks it up to see it is her father who texted her, saying he was here and waiting outside. Quinn looks up at Logan apologetically. Do you want help with your stuff?

Logan shakes his head. I've hired two seventh graders to take my bags down to the parking lot, so maybe I could call them to take yours too," Logan admits. Quinn laughs as she shakes her head. I think I can handle this. You should go finish packing," Quinn says as she grabs her stuff, which consists of a purse, a duffel bag, a big suitcase and a smaller suitcase.

She starts moving out the door, sighing as she looks in the room once more before Logan follows her outside. Have fun in Seattle," Logan says as they make their way to the parking lot. Quinn smiles as she stops and places a kiss on his lips and hugs him tightly. Don't be too much of a jerk," Quinn jokes as she continues walking. Logan smiles as he follows. Quinn stops when she sees her dad's car. She turns back to Logan. Quinn nods as she gives him one more hug.

This time, she holds the hug for as long as she dares, though her parents are probably watching. She releases him and plants a quick kiss on the lips. Quinn smiles as she releases him, looking at him sadly before making her way to the car.

After Lola's summer acting before senior year where she actually got to go on Broadway for Legally Blonde the Musical , they encouraged her to go for NYU, for their amazing acting program. She listened to the coaches there and got in to New York University. Both were quite content they were not at opposite ends of the country, unlike Lola and Vince.

Vince is in a university in Nevada for football. It was sad, because Lola doesn't do long-distance relationships so she broke it off with him the summer before college.

The two don't talk anymore. Lisa and Michael are down south, in the University of Texas for music while James is in Pepperdine University for a writing program. As for Logan and Quinn? After a lot of thinking, and encouragement from her friends and boyfriend, she decided to go to USC, in the same state as Logan at least. The drive wasn't even that far. An hour, at least. Therefore, the two could see each other any time they wanted to. They have a tradition. Of course, from Monday to Friday they resort to phone calls, since they're both busy doing homework.

But Saturdays are their days. Logan, who finally has his own car, a red Porsche in fact, drives down to pick up Quinn and they go out and do something, whatever they want to do, for the whole day.

Then Logan drives her back to her dorm after dinner and they spend time there until Logan leaves. Then Sundays, they spend half a day together before heading back to their colleges to do homework and stuff.

Unless they have a lot of homework, they don't break these rules, ever. All of their college and high school friends see the love they share with each other, and declare them the cutest couple in the LA area.

When they're together, they are amazing together, like one person. Like Bella and Edward from Twilight. They have their fights and squabbles, but it's never too serious and they always make up after a day or two. Logan has changed during these college years. On his second year there, he has grown accustomed to his ways.

He is not the same person he was in high school. He is a growing male, a smart studious serious college student, that now always does his homework mostly directing of course, but his minor's Chemistry. Every day after classes are over, he heads to the coffee shop, owned by his roommate, Derek's aunt, and does whatever homework he has there while drinking his coffee.

Now, on a Thursday afternoon, right after his last class ends, which is around 4pm, he sits in the coffee shop, coffee in hand, reading the script done by other college students, figuring out what he shall be directing, and how it would be done and staged. He sighs as he sips his coffee. He loves this program. It's so much fun, directing other people's plays and scripts, as well as his minor, Chemistry.

Suddenly, the sound of the door opening startles Logan as he looks up to see his roommate, Derek, hurry in, his blue eyes wide as he quickly sits beside Logan. Logan rolls his eyes. He knows Derek quite well. He is a player, a party animal, and a huge flirt. That's why Logan gets along with him, better than their other roommate, Robert. Robert was the shy and quiet guy out of the roommates, the guy that didn't have a girlfriend, but was very romantic.

Flirt with another guy's girl again? Derek may be a flirt, but he wasn't that strong or muscular, or smart in that case. But he was a good friend and an excellent actor. Derek laughs fakely then shakes his head. The door opens again and Robert walks in, smiling brightly.

Which is weird, because Logan has never seen Robert so happy. Robert sits down next to Logan. Logan thinks for a minute.

Erika was Robert's crush, and friend. He's liked Erika since the first day of college. She was an actress, as Robert was a screenwriter. Logan pats Robert on the back encouragingly. You've finally become a man, getting your first girlfriend," Logan says.

Robert glares a little. I told Erika I had a girlfriend before, in fourth grade," Robert says. I thought that girl in fourth grade dumped pudding on your lap when you tried to talk to her," Derek answers. Logan hits Derek on the shoulder. Robert hits Derek too. Derek mock gasps, rubbing his shoulder.

Logan just laughs, as does Robert as Logan drinks some coffee. The door of the coffee shop opens a third time. Logan turns, officially sure he would not be getting any work done, and sees someone he didn't think he'd see today. His girlfriend walks through the door, purse in hand, smiling. Behind her were two girls. I bumped into Summer and Erika and they said you were probably here," Quinn greets her boyfriend, kissing him on the lips. Erika goes to her boyfriend and kisses his cheek. Logan just grabs Quinn's waist and pulls her down onto his lap.

So, I decided to come here to visit you," Quinn answers, cuddling into Logan. Derek rolls his eyes. Later," he says as he gets out of the coffee shop. Summer nods as well. Anywhere other than here. Bye Logan," Summer says, quickly high-tailing it out of the place. Erika laughs as she grabs her boyfriend's hand. I'll see you around. Bye Quinn," Erika says. Rob smiles as he waves at Logan before being yanked away by Erika.

Suddenly, it's only Quinn and Logan in the coffee shop besides the owner, Vanessa. Logan smiles as he kisses Quinn again lightly on the neck. They're coming to visit for the weekend," Quinn murmurs.

Logan's head snaps up, shocked. It's no secret that Julian and Heather Pensky don't approve of Logan. Hearing about Logan's defaults and attitude years ago have made them wary. Not even Malcolm Reese, or his new wife, Georgina, approve of the relationship. Reese don't think Logan can keep the relationship alive, even though the two have been dating for about three years already.

Pensky is definitely the over-protective type. Logan remembers meeting him for the first time, spring break during senior year. Pensky immediately disliked Logan.

Hearing about his past has made it hard for Quinn's family to accept Logan for a changed man. Pensky, as well as Mrs.

Pensky, has tried multiple times to separate the two. But in the end, it never works so they have no choice but to let the relationship be.

But that doesn't mean they're happy about it. Quinn looks at Logan, knowing exactly what he's thinking. She intertwines her hand in his. But they're my family, and I love both of you the same. Maybe my parents will accept you this time, and not act like you're the devil," Quinn says hopefully. Remember last time what happened? But eventually, Logan had snapped because he was in a bad mood and had given her parents the wrong idea about him. Logan sighs but nods.

Quinn smiles as he plants another kiss to her tender lips. I'll be by Saturday morning with my parents," she says. Logan is definitely nervous for his day out with Quinn and her parents.

What would he say to them? How would he act? He really wanted to make an impression on them this time, to prove he was right for their daughter. Robert, in their dorm room working on his homework while Erika sits beside him, reading it over, looks over to the pacing nineteen year old. You've met Quinn's parents before," Robert says. Logan stops pacing to face his roommate and his girlfriend, who look concerned. But this time, I feel obligated to make an impression on them.

I want them to like me, to know I've changed. I'm just afraid what they'll think of me," Logan answers. They should like you for who you are now, not what you were before.

If they don't, it's their loss. Besides, Quinn likes you, and that's all that matters, right? When did you get all profound? Aren't actresses supposed to be sort of self centered and dramatic, not all wise and smart? Robert rolls his eyes. Suddenly, Logan's phone buzzes, signaling Logan that Quinn was five minutes away. He took it out, correct.

I'll see you when I get back. Logan lets out a laugh as he grabs his jacket and goes outside to meet Quinn and her parents. It is a cool January morning, as usual. Logan is lucky there is no snow as he hurries down the sidewalk to the front of UCLA. He reaches the front with a minute to spare as he waits, fidgeting. If Quinn was here, she could calm him down. But he'd be more nervous, especially with Julian Pensky staring him down. Man, that guy has a good death glare.

Finally, he sees his girlfriend's red Chrysler come in. Logan sees her father driving, her mother in the passenger's seat, so Quinn must be in the back. He smiles as the car comes to a stop. Logan sees Quinn smiling brightly as Logan walks to the car door.

Be nice, Logan thinks as he climbs into the car. It's a pleasure to see you two again," Logan says politely as he shuts the door and puts on his seatbelt, giving a very quick kiss to Quinn. Pensky glares at Logan from the front seat. Pensky smiles as kindly as she can to Logan. Unlike her husband, she's dealing with Logan and Quinn dating. She's not exactly thrilled about the idea since she still believes what her husband believes but she's at least trying to be civil. Julian Pensky still glares as he starts driving.

Logan can see Mr. Pensky seeing this and going red in the face. He clenches his jaw, but refuses to say anything. You and I shall be shopping, while Julian and Logan will be doing something else," she says.

He squeezes Quinn's hand tightly, panicking. Alone time, with Mr. This will definitely not go so well, he thinks miserably. He said he'd try to be himself, and nice. That's what he will do. He will prove to Mr. Pensky he and his daughter belonged together, no matter what. Pensky grunts from the driver's seat. They arrive at the mall twenty minutes later. Logan gets out, and holds out a hand to help Quinn.

She smiles softly at him as she hugs him tightly. Pensky smiles at the cuteness she can't help it, she's a romantic at heart and Mr. Pensky turns away, pretending not to notice it. We'll meet you in the food court at twelve.

It's ten now, so it gives you two hours. Pensky says as she gives her husband a kiss. Quinn smiles as she plants a long kiss on Logan. Be nice, and try to have fun, ok? Quinn nods at her father. He's the only person that can.

Anyone else does, and she zaps them with her laser watch. Soon, the two women were gone. Now, it was Logan and Julian, alone. Logan bites his lip nervously. He's never truly been alone with Quinn's father. It was definitely awkward. Logan decides to speak, to break the tension. Logan forces another smile. Pensky keeps calm, turns and walks toward the store, clearly not caring if Logan followed or not. They both enter the electronic store.

Logan looks around, amazed. He hasn't been to an electronic store in ages. He's been too busy anyways. Pensky looks at a camera.

He looks it over, before setting it down curtly. When Logan spots a video camera, he smiles. He walks over to it and examines it. He could so use this for school. He needs a new camera anyways. Pensky looks it over. Well, it's not like you can't afford it," Mr.

Pensky says as he turns away from Logan. Logan sighs as he puts the camera back down. You see, for my directing program, we require a video camera like this, and my other one is going to retire soon," Logan answers Mr. Pensky as calmly as he can. How's that working for you? Pensky asks curiously as he walks over to the TV section. I'm doing really well in it. I'm almost at the top in my class," Logan boasts.

Pensky turns to Logan, smirking. Pensky says, looking at Logan like he is an idiot. Now, I'm doing much better. Especially since I've been dating your daughter," Logan defends himself. Logan breathes deeply, trying to stay calm. He would do this, for Quinn. The two stay silent for a few minutes. They wander around the store. Finally, after half an hour, they leave the store in silence. Outside a bikini or lingerie store, to watch random girls in the lacy bras, underwear and swimwear?

Logan gapes, his anger getting to him. How dare he say that? Logan clenches his fist. He can't take it anymore! He turns to Mr. I would never do that! Well, I would, four years ago! If you haven't noticed, Mr. Pensky, I've changed a whole lot. I'm not the same person I was before I started dating your daughter. I'm a better person with her around. I love her, and I would never hurt her. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

You keep trying to take her away from me, I'll keep fighting to keep her with me. If she leaves me, I'll die, because that's how much I feel about her. I care about her so much, more than you know! She's the only one I want to be with. I haven't flirted with a girl, or even look at a girl in that way since junior year.

Quinn is the only thing on my mind; she's the only one that I care about. If you don't believe that, fine. But I really don't care about your opinion. All I care about is how Quinn feels about me. And she loves me, and I love her. So keep acting like you are, keep hating me because I'm dating your daughter. But I do love her, and will never, ever hurt her," Logan rants. When he finishes talking, he looks at Mr. Pensky, who looks pretty darn mad. Logan manages to calm down.

Shit, Quinn is going to kill me, Logan thinks. He promised to be nice, and he wasn't. First its shock, then anger, then disappointment, then deep in thought, finally it turns blank. Quinn said your anger management classes had worked. It's not often though," Logan says quickly. Pensky continues, gesturing to the people staring. He was going to make him break up with her. Somehow, he was going to and also he would hate him more.

Pensky says as Logan looks shocked. Pensky smiles a real smile. Del Figalo, who ran when he saw me," Mr. Logan gets angry when he hears Mark's name. But I see you're a changed man, you're strong and you love my daughter. I see that now, and I know you're never hurt her. So, you have my blessing to date my daughter," Mr. Pensky holds out his hand and Logan shakes it. I hate all my daughter's boyfriends, especially Del Figalo.

He was boring and stupid anyways. But you, I like. You remind me of me. My father was overprotective, and I guess I take after him.

I'm just protective of my only child," Mr. Pensky says as they start walking. You deserve to be wary of your daughter's boyfriends," Logan agrees. It's the same way I look at my wife. So I know you'll never hurt her. And if you do, you know I'll hurt you, right? So, shall we go find the girls? Logan nods as the two walk off, in search of the girls. It is now graduation time for Logan and Quinn. June, in fact. Logan's graduation is a day after Quinn's. Every one of their friends have graduated already, though some were still in college.

Zoey and Chase graduated a week before. Both are still together, happy, and engaged. Chase proposed to Zoey on her birthday, on May 12th. They would be married outside. Michael and Lisa were together too. They had broken up for a year, but got back together a couple of months ago. Both were clearly happy, and Lisa was expecting a child in a month. Lola found a guy in her third year, also an actor. His name is Brent Winters.

He is an amazing guy. Lola started dating him a couple months after meeting him, and both are now happy and in love. He is like Chase in many ways, funny, clumsy, and had a cuteness about him. Totally opposite of Vince, but still a great guy. James met a girl, Destiny, in Pepperdine and both fell hard and fast. They started dating two days after they met and are still happy. It was literally, like Destiny calling him. He met a girl, but nobody talks to him much anymore, so they don't know much about him anymore.

The only person that talks to him is James, but he doesn't say much. Logan has his blue cloak on, his graduation cap settled on his head. He looks in the mirror nervously. This was it, he was really graduating. Not only that, he had a surprise for Quinn after graduation is over. Only one other person knows, Michael. He is the one that convinced Logan to do this. Logan is incredibly nervous.

What will Quinn think? What will she say? They were twenty-two after all, he's ready. A knock on the door breaks Logan's concentration. Malcolm Reese steps in, smiling. Congrats," Malcolm says as he shuts the door of his room. You're turning your life around from high school.