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in "The Straightjacket Lottery", and in the TV movie "Matters of Life and Dating. Collins' start in Trailer Park Boys was minimal, seen initially only as an. It's , and what should have been the greatest summer of Nate Bradford's life goes sour when his parents suddenly divorce. Now, instead of spending his. Times Played: - Link To Documented Performances By Date of self loathing and points out the difficulties of living life and creating a relationship as a jaded person. Other Articles: Pop Matters Write Up On Trailer Trash.

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But at least Democrats talk about their client groups. And he's a prep at heart so no way are the cowboys going to work out. All too often society dictates what is and is not acceptable for everyone and going against the grain is daunting for anyone which is part of what makes their choice to be together in the midst of an epidemic with the deck stacked against them all the more poignant.

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Matters of life and dating trailer trash -

Mike Smith, who plays the character Bubbles, apparently can only wear the thick glasses for 15 minutes at a time without extreme fatigue. Let's consider the acting quality and skill. Would Deniro or Pacino make this a better series?

The charm is in the rough edges, the improv, the humility, and the belief that these are low rung thugs. It is totally believable and a credit to the acting and direction. How is Canada or Nova Scotia being insulted if we recognize that this series is a parody and that we should not take it so seriously. According to the on-line polls I have viewed for TPB of the episodes to date, the average rating has been 9 out of I can't be one of those things! Nate's innocence spoke to me.

All of his reactions felt natural as did Cody's and many of secondary characters, even the malevolent ones played their roles, but Nate Just how alone he felt in that moment was so palpable that I had a visceral reaction. Cody's no less riveting. He feels trapped in a town that's dying where everyone hates him and he feels less than all the time. He has one friend-the most popular boy in school, Logan. Logan does not give one flying fuck what anyone thinks and everyone is either jealous of him, wants to get with him or thinks he walks on water because of it.

He needles the hell out of Cody, stink eyes Nate and generally tells it like it is to both of them in an effort to get one of them to make a move. The plot twist in the middle gutted me and, honestly, cast a shadow over the rest of the book but it finally brings them together.

I wanted the romance between them and Sexton delivered with homemade mixed tapes. Slow dancing in candlelight. Sweet nothings that turned me into a mushy pile of goo. The interactions of a white man and the police are presumably less fraught with anxiety shading to fear, less fraught with danger, less likely to end in trouble.

White privilege is amplified in our dealings with the police. Social media and relentless news coverage have exaggerated the actual dangers facing black men; only 40 out of 20 million were shot unarmed by the police last year. We care more about our family than our neighbors, more about out tribe than the nation, more about us than about them. If they are having problems, then they should be more like us. This parochialism cuts many ways, and while we recognize some cuts, we ignore others.

Conservative whites view issues of law enforcement from the perspective of white privilege; they should just be more like us, obey the police who we forget are much less high-handed in dealing with rich whites than with poor blacks , and avoid having anything to hide. Liberals take an oddly privileged approach to economic issues. The greatest privilege in our economy and political system comes not from race or gender, but from wealth and connections. You are less likely to move up the socio-economic ladder than kids born in Seattle or Boston, less likely to travel, less likely to get a good education.

How do you know that?