John krasinski and rashida jones dating

john krasinski and rashida jones dating

Though Office co-stars John Krasinski and Rashida Jones have always been open about the fact that they dated before reuniting to work on the hit NBC sitcom, they have always denied rumors and reports that anything romantic has happened between them since. When OK! spoke to Rashida. Rashida Jones and John Krasinski photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. TIL Rashida Jones and John Krasinski were a couple during the beginning of . A month later she was dating the guy she fucked a year ago.

John krasinski and rashida jones dating - Renee Zellweger 2007-2007

The crew didn't really seem to care if people were walking into the shot and they didn't have any mics rigged to capture any dialogue. They did a couple of different 'takes'.

The first time I saw them they were being filmed walking out of the subway station. After they did that a couple of times, I thought they were done as Rashida and John both got into a large van.

The rest of the 'crew' was still outside talking amongst themselves so I jokingly asked one of the assistants if Rainn was around and he said 'no'. The next shot they took was of the pair at a hotdog stand, then as they walked down 8th towards St. I didn't get any pics when they were walking unfortunately. The whole time their acting felt very natural - Rashida would be tugging on John's sleeve, there was this one time where they were about to cross the street and she held John back because he didn't see a car was approaching.

Overall, if you didn't know they were filming you'd think they were an actual couple. As for the crew there was only the one cameraman, couple of assistants and Paul of course. I was reading her bio on wikipedia and she seems to be incredibly intelligent.

That would be a bajillion times worse. I thought that work was reserved for us regular folk. God — they certainly do look like a couple in those pics. I thought everyone already knew that they had dated.

There were all kinds of rumors in the beginning that John had fought for Rashida to get this role. They also dated previously and then she dated Josh Myers for a while after that before dating John again in the spring. Just a little FYI for those who care. I thought it was pretty much known already too. December 3, at 6: These bloggers will be all over him. Had to be removed for some reason. She seems like such a cool gal!

John Krasinski and Rashida Jones Get Back Together :

john krasinski and rashida jones dating

Mark's place very funky, small boutique area of NYC looking at some of the sidewalk vendor's goods. Anywho, Jones has dated some very talented, smart, but mostly funny fellows. Really, they are, and we could talk about how great they are for long periods of time. Anyway the shoot was very low-key.

john krasinski and rashida jones dating

john krasinski and rashida jones dating

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