Jay hernandez and kirsten dunst dating

jay hernandez and kirsten dunst dating

“Carlos Nuñez” (Jay Hernandez) meets “Nicole Oakley” (Kirsten Dunst) performing her father would be glad that she is dating a CRAZY/BEAUTIFUL Pisces. Kirsten Dunst. View Profile Kirsten Dunst. Taurus. brought to you by. Jay Hernandez and Kirsten Dunst dating history powered by Who's Dated Who. Jay Hernandez is still as 'Crazy/Beautiful' as you remember Hernandez with a fan (er, his 'Crazy/Beautiful' co-star Kirsten Dunst) in

jay hernandez and kirsten dunst dating

  • Jay Hernandez
  • Crazy/Beautiful (United States, 2001)
  • Kirsten Dunst & Jay Hernandez

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Carlos is from the "wrong side of the tracks" but is working hard to craft an impressive high school resume so he can enter the Naval Academy and become a pilot. Of course, he and Nicole begin to see a lot of each other, which causes friction. Carlos' family does not like the idea of him dating a white girl, and Nicole's father is concerned that his daughter's instability might ruin Carlos' bright future.

As was the case with those movies, this one studiously avoids pushing the envelope, giving it the dramatic heft of a made-for-TV movie. The argument in favor of this approach is that kids don't want to see something hard-hitting, but I'm not sure that's an accurate assumption. For example, every teenager I have spoken to who has seen Requiem for a Dream has been astounded by it, and that movie certainly doesn't adhere to cinematic conventions.

Stockwell's epileptic directorial style involves a lot of camera movement and quick edits. Like too many filmmakers weaned on MTV, he doesn't seem to understand the value of a "quiet moment". There are times when the movie's busyness works against the mood it's trying to create; it's difficult to craft a compelling love story when music and visual flourishes keep getting in the way. Plus, he has had to edit around Kirsten Dunst's nudity in order to deliver a product that conforms to PG guidelines Dunst displays just about everything she can possibly show with this classification.

Freed from the lightweight constraints of the likes of Bring It On , Dunst exhibits impressive dramatic depth echoing her work in The Virgin Suicides. It's about love against the odds, love as character reform, love in the face of the beast that is adolescence.

As appealing as it would be to take this film seriously, it demands a good bit of detachment to enjoy. The storyline is unimportant, but here it is: Nicole Kirsten Dunst is a blond, alcoholic congressman's daughter who's in love with Carlos Jay Hernandez , a Latino on his way to the naval academy who's raised by a single mother. Nicole loves Carlos, and Carlos loves her we think , but how will they make it work?

Clearly, this is not what's going to make the film intriguing. What happens along the way, however, contains plenty of pleasant surprises. Among them is a make-out scene in a darkroom that tops Fred Astaire's darkroom serenade of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face.

While Nicole tells Carlos why she develops her own photos--to manipulate, cut, alter--the scene is composed of jump cuts and close-ups, and is bathed in a deep red, craftily synthesizing dialogue, image and editing.

Director John Stockwell, who helmed last year's Cheaters, doesn't impose the music video style that has been such a prerequisite for teen films of the past few years. The film does indeed look slick, but it's calmly paced, keeping expressionistic camera moves and lighting functional rather than unnecessarily hip. Characters don't fling around semi-clever witticisms to deal with their problems, but are sincerely monosyllabic and direct.

They stop short, stutter--and often scenes run their course without anyone having been able to say what they mean. Admittedly, the film traffics in obligatory teen-movie scenes, such as when Hernandez has to talk about his social background and tell us why it's so difficult for him to love someone so rich, so blond, so self-destructive. While Carlos never has to really confront anyone about dating a white girl, their affair indirectly leads to a fistfight between his white football buddy and one of his Latino childhood friends.

crazy/beautiful starring Kirsten Dunst and Jay Hernandez

jay hernandez and kirsten dunst dating