Gunther and cece dating fanfiction percy

gunther and cece dating fanfiction percy

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. this story is about CECE,ROCKY,LOGAN,TY,TINKA,GUNTHER going on summer . but after a big misunderstanding he ends up dating her best friend Cece and giving Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: M - English - Romance. After Rocky gets hurt, her family decide to move to DC leaving Cece and the others behind. When Petty Officer Ty Blue is found murdered in Rock Creek Park, NCIS Crossover - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Shake It Up! - Rated: K Jacob along with his girlfriend CeCe Jones and best friend Rocky are going to.

Gunther and cece dating fanfiction percy -

How to Rock - Rated: Hunted by DarkNight18 reviews They knew why it was happening. It was because of them. Because they loved each other. But how long can she keep her secret from her best friend Rocky? Don t like, Don t read: I suck at summaries just read the story. T - English - Chapters: She gets to do things to Rocky, that's that one should not let anyone do except their significant other, and some people won't even let their significant other do that much.

M - English - Romance - Chapters: I couldn't I really just don't know how too. I'm seriously that dumb. Anyway, for everyone who is new to this story, please read CeCe and Logan: Or else you will not understand this part Someone can PM how to post the next chappie I'd love you forever.

From now on its M to be safe. Because her boyfriend 'jerkface' aka 'Adam'. Adam has decided to go down the path of abusing women, specifically, Cecelia Amanda Jones. South Park - Rated: When Fletcher said he made many sculptures of Chyna, Olive looked down, crossed her arms, and rolled her eyes, meaning she was annoyed. Gibson mistakes Fletcher and Olive for a married couple, and neither of them deny it.

They just stare, almost mezmorized at each other. At the party when the party was ruined, they finished each others sentences. Olive and Fletcher both show that they're afraid of the big kids. Olive was looking for Fletcher because she said "Oh there you are Fletcher". Olive looks slightly annoyed when Fletcher comes running and hides behind Chyna, but, that means he'd rather Chyna feel Skidmore's wrath.

Fletcher leaned towards Olive when Principal Skidmore came. Fletcher looks at Olive when he says he got an A as well, maybe trying to impress her. Fletcher is concerned when he sees Olive cutting a wedding dress, maybe thinking he wanted to see her in it.

Fletcher conferred with Olive with her project. When Principal Skidmore left, Fletcher stood next to Olive. When Chyna was trying to think of something Olive was good for, Fletcher was looking at Olive with a smile. When Chyna leaves after Olive tells her she can't watch High Heels High if she fails, Fletcher walks towards Olive Fletcher looked worried when Olive was cutting up her wedding dress. StudANT Council When Olive is checking the rule book and the music for the musical chairs game pauses, Olive is upset because she lost as she read the book.

Before the opening titles you can see Fletcher and Olive shrug simultaneously. When Chyna was about to leave the A. Farm, you can see that right when Fletcher stands up, and Chyna was about to pass by him, that Olive grabs her arm and pulls her away from him, as if she is jealous. Fletcher knew that the gum wasn't sugarless, so he lied to Olive so that she'd help him with his sculpture.

Olive and Fletcher sat together at the lunch table. They sat together again in the ANT Farm. Olive giggled at Fletcher's cat outfit. Olive said, "Oh no! My cat Fletcher got out! Olive knew Fletcher's middle name. Fletcher didn't seem annoyed that Olive knew his middle name. Olive didn't mind when Fletcher described her as having the gift of spouting random facts when no one's asking, she actually seems pleased.

Fletcher climbed in the trash can because Olive and Chyna didn't want to. While they were waiting for "Charlie Brown" to come to reveal their "plan", Fletcher was standing on the ledge behind Olive, instead of waiting at the door with Chyna. Fletcher and Olive both seemed amazed by 'Charlie Brown's dancing. They were beside each other when they eavesdropped on 'Charlie Brown's phone call.

When Olive traced her neck with her finger, Fletcher asked, "Tickle his neck? When Fletcher answered Chyna's question, he looked at Olive. Fletcher called Olive a "robot inside of a human's body" which she thanked him for in a non-sarcastic voice. When Angus tells Fletcher that if Nigel went after "my Olive", he'd be in a trash heap, Fletcher just looks at him, maybe knowing that Olive will never fall for him.

Fletcher asks Olive to sign his petition and is disappointed when she says no. Detectives Oliva Benson and Elliot Stabler must rely on their instincts to find the person responsible for raping Flynn. Crossover - Law and Order: Return of the Fallen by BeautifulSupernova reviews The world now knows about the bionics. Adam, Bree, and Chase are the famous bionic teens.

Everyone, except Leo's family, think he is still normal. The group reunites, but not at Seaford. New threats are introduced. New friends and alliances are made. But the return of one strong enemy and its army can disrupt everything. But the golden opportunity is not what he had in mind. Co-written by my husband. Shakin' it Up on the Deck by nhnoelle reviews What happens when the Shake it Up Chicago dance crew get a once in a lifetime deal to spend the summer on the S.

Cooper has a new special mission. To protect the famous dancer Rocky Blue on her first tour around the world. Cooper - Complete Dancers? Who are they really?

Pleading Insanity by shadowwolf reviews You won't believe me, and I don't blame you. What I've written in this book seems unbelievable, that it's just fiction but please believe me when I say everything in here is real.

A friend had told me to start writing a journal, to help myself and possibly to alert others to what been happening to our world.