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Rigby and Eileen's Relationship First Kiss A Regular Epic Final Battle Started Dating Dumped at the Altar Children 2 unnamed daughters. All it would really have to do is show that Mordecai and Rigby are not the same that Eileen points out that he and C.J. have not yet had a real date. and refers all who disagree with him to the advice of his crooked lawyers. Ever since Mordecai started to date CJ Rigby seemed off, like, he and Eileen eventually started to drift apart whenever Mordecai and CJ had a.

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Read under your own will. CJ slammed the door, Mordecai followed her. I saw you Mordecai! He was walking on the road, tired of the same thing, every single time he talked to girls, CJ would come in the worst moment and misunderstand everything. Mordecai felt bad, no matter what, it's almost always the same; they would go out and things would be fine until he started to talk to girls, ever since the accident with Margaret, it seems CJ would misunderstand everything.

Maybe I should ask Rigby, I mean, he claims he isn't dating Eileen but he sure never fights with her anymore. Mordecai went upstairs hoping that Rigby would be at their room and he was right, as soon as he entered the room. Rigby was finishing some soda as he burped. Ever since Mordecai started to date CJ Rigby seemed off, like, he and Eileen eventually started to drift apart whenever Mordecai and CJ had a fight in public, they have become worse, which is why Mordecai believes him and Eileen don't want to hang out with them anymore.

It's about CJ" Mordecai said. I bet that would help" He said. Mordecai took his phone and called CJ. Mordecai was going downstairs when he saw Benson entering the house. So, the feelings are mutual from both parties. The issue boils down to Rigby feeling ruffled and unnerved. So, he defers to being rude and noncommittal. Pushing Eileen away avoids conflict and having to make any major decisions or compromises Can Rigby really dump on Mordecai as often as he does when he has cold feet?

To solve the Rubix cube that is Rigleen, a key part is better understanding Rigby himself. Don a pair of ridiculous Coke bottle glasses, the Ivy League brand tweed jacket, and scratch your chin thoughtfully as I endeavor to play armchair psychologist. The most meaningful question to pose here: Why does Rigby conduct himself the way he does? He wants to lay low, commit to the most bare minimum, and just coast through life. If anyone or anything opposes his whims, he relents and lashes out.

Rigby can be reasoned with. The theory that I hear being toss about is that because Mordecai hung out with CJ so much during the year it forced Rigby to find someone else to hang out as well. In this case, he found solitude in Eileen of all characters.

Sure, over time, his feelings for her have grown to toleration and then to amicable at best but there was never any sort of drive for him to get to know her more. He grew to like Eileen and as such, when Mordecai started dating CJ more often, he went to her to shoot the breeze. One of the best episodes for Rigby as well. Remember, Rigby was giving Mordecai solid relationship advice that Mordecai would not follow up with.

All this happened before he started hanging out with Eileen. He was already becoming a better person without anyone driving him to become one.

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