Do clary and alec become friends before dating

do clary and alec become friends before dating

Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats And just when things couldn't get more heartbreaking, Simon Their friendship is so special. TVLINE | Lastly, might Clary's death bring Jace and Simon closer Imagine Luke and Alec and Izzy — everyone is rocked to their core. Tensions rose when Alec disregarded Clary as nothing more than a helpless mundie. Shadowhunters with Clary. Did they just become best friends or what ?!. Jace and Clary have been friends since they where in dipers, their both in love with each other but wont addmit it. Have they found She was also dating the school Jock Jonathon. Izzy also has a brother named Alec and a younger brother named max. Though We can take this over when I get home!".
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Do clary and alec become friends before dating -

It was a truly touching moment. Is this real life? Lo and behold, Alec actually admitted Clary was right about getting the hell away from the police station after they retrieved the Mortal Cup! Did they just become best friends or what?! However, Alec rather harshly hits the brakes by reminding Clary that since she arrived his entire world has been turned upside down!

Even Alternative Dimension Alec found ways to be annoyed at Clary after she forget the Institute party he was throwing! The theme is amazing by the way. The gratitude they showed each other after getting Jocelyn back was astounding! It made us believe that they might finally get along!

Get a room you guys. You know what you can go back to Idris! Were did you go? Jerk… Clary put on a pouty face and looked out the window.

Izzy gave her a weird look before asking. Come on Clary don't be like that! He's just some stupid boy…come on you where so happy! Jace wasn't just some stupid boy. He was the boy that was her best friend, the guy she trusted the most. And the guy that she has fallen head over heels for about two years ago. But she didn't dare say anything.

She gave Izzy a look and she shut up. They pulled up in front of the airport and Clary saw Alec. Did he really get back on the plane? She didn't like that thought, but he wasn't here. Clary could feel the tears stinging the back of her eyes.

Or are you just going to sit in the car? I just needed a moment. Alec, like his mother, has black hair, luminous blue eyes, and an impressive height. He is also very pale. He is very handsome as well, but unlike Izzy, he tries to downplay his looks by wearing worn out sweaters and damaged clothing.

Also he is gay and has a love interest named Mangus. Mangus is one of Clary's best friends. They became friends awhile back when Mangus was new to the school. Everyone was mean to him. Well not everyone, but most of the kids. So one day when Clary saw him sitting by himself in lunch she called him over to sit with them. They all became friends pretty fast. How's you summer been? Iz drive you crazy? Izzy shot him some daggers. Alec and Clary had gotten really close over the past year or two.

And she liked it this way. She knew if she needed help she could go to him and that if he needed he could go to her. Don't be stealing my entire hug. She stopped hugging Alec and spun around and grabbed Jace into a hug. She was still about half the size of him. Jace has fine wavy dark golden-blond hair and dark gold eyes. He has a slim, muscular build, and is about 5'11". His face is pretty, angular, and Clary often refers to him as beautiful and leonine, with a narrow mouth.

He is covered in thin, silver scars from years of fighting with adopted parents and siblings. Jace is seventeen years old, and is also left-handed. He has often said that the only trait he got from his birth father was his attitude. Witch depending on who you are could be either good or bad. Clary pulled back and looked at Jace. Jace couldn't believe his eyes. Clary was still only five foot tall with green eyes and freckles.

But her hair was different. Instead of being curly and fizzy, it fell in nice smooth curls. She looks more like her mother then ever. She is rather petite and very thin. She was still his delicate little friend. He for some reason started calling her "babe" about two years ago. She didn't understand why he always had some new girl at his side that was so much prettier then Clary so why would he call her babe.

Wasn't like they were dating or were ever going to. I have had enough of boring crap today! They all looked at her. She never forgot to knock afterwards though. Him walking into her and Jace, in the frigging kitchen doing things he never wanted to see was a whole different thing. He turned around as soon as he saw them and after a minute in which they clothed themselves he asked; "Are you decent again?

His parabatai, a girl who was like a sister for him and the insane brother of said girl. And what did he? He had to make sure to get his parabatai and Clary back before it was too late. And with who did have to work? The frigging clave, a few downworlders, his family and that stupid mundane.

He may be one of them, and a bit stronger, but he was still that mundane from the inside that desperately wanted to safe Clary without a working plan. As if he didn't want to do, but since he was the leader he had to be responsible. Cleansed Did all the missions have to be so damn dirty? Isabelle, or Izzy, was okay with killing demons. But not, I repeat, not with returning from a mission covered in dirt. She wiped of the mutt of her beautiful boots and turned around, only to see Alec trying to get Clary a bit cleaned up.

She was the one who returned with the most dirt on her from missions. Clary huffed in irritation. I'm not a little girl. I can clean myself. Isabelle shook her head. He knew that Alec saw her as a little sister and that he was gay. Evidence enough for Alec not liking her?

But Jace was still jealous when Alec. So when it was his birthday, she gave him, together with a few weapons, a dozen bars of chocolate. When the others looked at her with curious eyes she simply shrugged. Shame "Do you guys have no shame?!

They put on their clothes as fast as possible but Alec was already walking away. They have a bedroom for a reason. Back from where he came from looked Clary at Jace. He just shrugged and she sighed. You still don't have had enough training," he replied.

Clary shrieked from frustration. You returned half dead every time. I know you can handle it but I don't want you to get even a scrap. Alec realised that while she was fighting. He observed her whole being but noticed that indeed, the most of her strength was seen in her eyes.

Stop staring man, it's getting creepy," he said. Alec turned to him and raised his eyebrows. No insane fathers anymore who wanted to take over the world. No mentally ill brothers who were into incest anymore. Just her, her boyfriend and her best friends; Alec, Simon and Izzy. She was laying on the ground, in the grass, next to Jace who looked up at her. Contempt Jace laughed when he thought of the time that his girlfriend and his brother were still having contempt for each other.

This was like a whole different world were Clary and Alec were good, no, best friends. He didn't know if he liked them being so close. He bit his lip. He liked them being friends with each other, really, but there is a limit. Alec knew things of Clary that he didn't know about her. He really had to talk to her about that. Wrong "Clary, you're doing it wrong," Alec said, stopping Clary.

do clary and alec become friends before dating

do clary and alec become friends before dating

do clary and alec become friends before dating