Dance moms miami angel and victor dating games

dance moms miami angel and victor dating games

Stars Dance Studio, where the school's owners and renowned contemporary dance instructors Victor Smalley Amazon Originals · Superheroes · Horror Guide · IMDb Picks · Family · Video Games · Marvel . Dance Moms: Miami ( ) Victor Smalley and Angel Armas in Dance Moms: Miami () Angel Release Date. Dance Moms: Miami is an American reality television series on Lifetime that aired The series follows Victor Smalley and Angel Armas, the co-owners of Stars. "Moms Making Waves" is the second episode of Dance Moms: Miami. It first aired on April 10, This week the moms, Victor, and Angel push the kids harder than ever to Games Movies TV Video. Wikis Air Date: April 10, Recaps.

dance moms miami angel and victor dating games

dance moms miami angel and victor dating games

Dance moms miami angel and victor dating games - File history

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Caused a company one day… court decisions. Dr smalley, gary transit compact. She believes that Kimmy's desire for perfection comes from her. She danced briefly as a child. She wants Jessi to win and frequently rehearses with her, despite how tired Jessi gets. Susan even questions the choreography for Jessi's solo in Episode 5.

Susan loses her temper many times, one of which was when Jessi, Hannah and Sammy were teamed for a trio, as she thought Hannah was not up to her daughter's technique and Sammy was not dedicated enough. At the end of Episode 8, she blames the coaches for all the drama and Victor tells her to leave and she tells to Jessi that they were done at the studio. Abby argues with her husband over dance, but just wants the best for Sammy.

She and Debi often go at it with each other, but in Episode 6 , she got into a fight with Brigette over the mess-up in the group routine after Lucas said it wasn't Kimmy's fault. She ends up returning to the studio and apologizes to the team for her behavior. Mayra is Victor's mother and the manager of Stars dance studio.

She also is the make-up artist. Brigette danced as a child. She picks fights with all the moms and in Episode 6, confronted Sammy about messing up the group routine and blaming it on Kimmy. She even said in Episode 2 that if her kid got 4th she would be embarrassed. She also fights with Mayra. She tells Lucas at the end of Episode 8 that they were not going to stay at Stars, but around months later after shooting the episode, Victor Smalley's youtube channel released a video with Lucas and Victor stating that Lucas and Jessi were still at Stars.

Mia is the newest dancer on the team. Mia was briefly shown in the interludes. She was shown in Episode 4 where she was scared about the giant raging fire coming towards the studio. In Episode 8, she joins the group. Abby is aghast when Susan and Brigette inform her that Debi asked Victor to purposely ruin Sammy's solo, and she decides to confront Debi backstage.

Ani realizes her obsession with perfection has affected Kimmy 's attitude greatly. Debi is open about her feelings and reveals she believes Hannah is being set up to fail due to her past emotional connection with Sammy. An argument erupts between Debi and Brigette over past manipulations. During this episode, the dancers attend Energy Dance Competition in Michigan.

Abby Lee Dance Company also attends this competition. Kimmy of Dance Moms:

Dance Moms: Miami :

dance moms miami angel and victor dating games

Sammy places first overall, Lucas places second overall, and Hannah places fourth overall. She has a part offense Brittnee, who also men at Stars Can Studio.

Moms Making Waves